Rubbish (Rubi)

Angel of the scrap heap.

colored sideways
Does anyone want to fight Ogres with me? I'm flying to the mountains tomorrow! Or, we could battle other creatures...

[Rubi sounds excited and looks quite disheveled. Leaves, bracken in his hair, torn shirt sleeve, a bit of vine clinging to his metal wings. He's been wandering in the woods again.

Though now he's stepping into a clean, flower-filled croft (his own and Viktor's.) He glances at the communicator, meaning to speak again, but his attention is caught suddenly by an item on the table! He hurries over.

It's a cake. A small vanilla one with candy flowers on it.]

But, it isn't my birthday. I'm not sure I have one.

[Now he leans over the cake, crouches down, examines it from all angles--then slowly reaches out to poke it. Then he waits for a good few moments.]

...I don't think there's anyone inside. Unless they are very small. I know I won't fit in there.

What should I do with it?

~4~Video~ (backdated to before the blind dates started)
I should probably ask...

What is a date?

colored sideways
[An oddly curious-looking Rubi pops onto the network. He doesn't seem upset over the Nightmare anymore (like he was at the meeting.) He does get over most things rather quickly.]

Ah... I have a few questions.

There's something humans do. Blood rises to their face, and you can see the red color. Why does that happen? It seems to happen for angry humans or for... when they are happy?

I also want to know about friends. [Pause.] Human, or non-human. What do they usually do for fun?

[Even though Rubi has watched humans, he still can't figure out what to do with his own friends. Aside from flying around with them and protecting them. Which is fine, but they might get bored.]

Oh! I forgot...I already know about bursting out of cakes. That's only for birthdays, right?

~2~ Steady darkness within (Dream)
Trigger warnings: Violence, trauma, blood/gore in the description and possibly more in the comments. Written prose-style but action tags are good too! Totally open to anyone. More OOC notes about the dream at the bottom. Also, going to work now so more tags after that.

the death of that cruel smileCollapse )

[A strange, golden eyed creature peers into the device. His enormous silver wings are spread out behind him.

His rowan crown is also lopsided, sliding halfway down one side of his head. He doesn't seem to notice, though he does glance around curiously at his surroundings.]

This isn't Heaven or Earth. Is it a dream? Or... have my enemies brought me here?

If you are, come out so I can kill you. You are keeping me from something important.

[His tone and smile remains gentle even while speaking those words.]

Can anyone hear me? Masumi?

App (Demeleier)
colored mysterious
Deme APPCollapse )


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