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Rubbish (Rubi)

Angel of the scrap heap.

8 November
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Rubi of Eikou no Te.

Rubbish is a scrap heap angel, a Golem created by an alchemy iron scraps, soul, and magic (though he looks and moves organically.) Despite his protective instincts and noble intentions, his morals and ideals are questionable. He is a dangerous creature and nowhere near as human as he looks. Despite being an 'angel,' his personal oaths are more important to him than the god who created him. Yet he can take lives casually. In some ways he is very--almost disturbingly--childlike, open if not innocent.

He appears as a tall man with vivid red hair and golden eyes--which you'd ignore in favor of his massive silver wings and the kind of scythe a Reaper would carry. He sometimes goes about without these accessories, but even then he seems off kilter for someone of humankind. Occasionally his hair and skin colors shift-- eyes from gold to red, skin from pale to metallic blue. He can also 'vanish' his wings if he wishes to.

If one is sensitive, they may be able to pick up the souls of the dead which cling to his aura. This darkness is the result of lives he's taken, or those he couldn't protect who called out to him and perished. He also has the 'smell of sorcery,' about him, due to the holy and unholy magics he can work.

Rubi is currently in play at Demeleier! If anyone wishes to read his canon, here is a link: